​​​Engage, enrich and educate your campers and students!  We bring new meaning to hands-on learning with our scientific approach to exploration and discovery.  Children enter our pavilion as students and leave as scientists with their own first hand observations of butterflies in action.

Our butterfly pavilion experience will fascinate and amaze children of all ages.  Their experience begins with a nonfiction story walk around our pavilion.  Children partake in an interactive read aloud packed with facts and photos that teach about the butterfly life cycle.  

They enter the pavilion and experience butterflies up close.  Children can observe butterflies using their proboscis to feed on nectar.  They can use a magnifying glass to observe the beauty of their wings and delicate antennae.  It is truly a fascinating and memorable experience.   

Upon request, we will provide recording sheets and learning materials for you to reproduce as needed.

Learning Sessions

The pavilion accommodates a group of 10 to 15 students at a time, depending on ages.  You decide how many groups pass through and how long each session lasts.  We recommend a 20 minute visit for each group.  Please provide supervision for pre-k groups.    

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